Social Innovation

Uniting ancient wisdom and modern sicence to launch a new brand.

The word Wasu means ‘sacred plant’ in Lakota Sioux. With a surge of new information regarding the healing properties of CBD, Wasu wanted to bring it’s healing power to the world.

About Wasu

Wasu Development Company is a start-up in the manufacturing, sales and distribution of Full Spectrum CBD-based products. Based in Grand Junction, Colorado, Wasu grows, harvests and then extracts full-spectrum CBD oil from cannabis plants.

The Ask

Wasu needed a name, identity, packaging, go-to-market strategy, launch video and e-commerce site to help them launch and sell a portfolio of CBD products and lifestyle services – proven to treat chronic illness and seizures while regenerating the body and promoting overall health and wellbeing.


All plants are sacred and their healing energy intimately connects us to each other and the natural world. They keep us healthy and teach us how to grow.


Produce the highest quality, full spectrum CBD oil to usher in a new, more enlightened age of medicine – restoring the intimate balance between earth, body and spirit.


- Combine science with spirituality to cultivate and harvest the very best quality product to help people achieve the very best quality of life

- Educate Doctors, HCPs and consumers around the world — bridging the gap between ancient wisdom and modern medicine

- Provide unlimited access to the oil, cultivars and brand philosophy to promote health, wellbeing and prosperity - helping the people and communities that need it the most