Increasing Donations

By making a 140 year old non-profit relevant again.

Although the Fresh Air Fund continues to be as important today as it was 140 years ago, the brand needed to be revitalized and demonstrate the impact it had on children’s lives. Our new campaign attracted more children, volunteers and donors but also rallied and realigned the organization behind its core purpose

About The Fresh Air Fund

Since 1877, The Fresh Air Fund has provided low income and under-served New York City children with immersive, outdoor summer experiences. From a foundation of physical safety and emotional support, these experiences offer families the opportunity to host children during their summer vacation — inviting them to join in their everyday lives — as well as two-week sleep-away summer camp programs in the countryside, layered with fun and friendships.

The Ask

Grounded was hired to modernize and re-articulate the brand mission (both internally and externally), helping the organization become more efficient by planning and designing fewer, bigger and better communications - ultimately driving more donations, partners and participants - and improving ROI.


We believe every child has the right to explore their full potential starting with a summer outdoor adventure — where they’re free to run through the grass, swim in a lake or climb a tree.


Transform limited opportunity into limitless potential though generosity, partnership and sunshine


- Open children’s world to new people, cultures, perspectives and experiences by bringing the experience of staying at Summer Camps and with Friendly Town Families to Life

- Teach children, volunteers, parents, teachers and support staff valuable life skills that support personal growth and development by facilitating learning and conversations

- Promote positive relationships with adults and help children establish friendships for life by demonstrating the impact that Fresh Air fund can have