Activating Purpose

100 years is too long to wait for gender parity in business.

The Network of Executive Women is focused on Advancing all Women. But with women hiding behind modesty and perfectly polished images, they needed to bust through the façade to teach all women the lessons they needed to grow.

About The Network of Executive Women

The Network of Executive Women is a 501c3 educational association representing 11,000 members, 850 companies, 115 corporate partners and 21 regions in the U.S. and Canada. Their mission is “to advance all women, grow business and transform the workplace through the power of our community.” NEW offers career development, insights, research and best practices for corporate partners, CEOs and C-suite leaders along with local events, engagement and advocacy to drive gender engagement and inclusion in business.

The Ask

The Network of Executive Women appointed Grounded to create an integrated social, content marketing and PR campaign to expand its reach, re-engage its membership and strengthen its brand. By partnering with ‘Wisdom Capture’ we created a video-based content platform that inspired women to share their own personal stories around those crucible moments when hardship or adversity actually helped them prevail and propel their career forward.


When you own your vulnerability — you become the most powerful person in the room.


Turn vulnerability from a weakness into a strength by empowering every woman to share her powerful lessons in order to advance all women.


- Filming, capturing and then curating wisdom — gathered from our emerging and senior leaders

- Bringing these stories and intimate insights to life on a proprietary digital platform – using the very latest e-crm and analytics to profile, segment and then invite existing and prospective members to view, share and comment on these stories

- Encouraging each and every visitor to post their own wisdom to #NEWwisdom in exchange for unique insights and exclusive member benefits to create a deep, organic wisdom culture that teaches, inspires and advance all women in business