About us

We started Grounded to harness the power of commercial innovation and creativity to empower business to lead as if the world depends on it. Because it does.

"Grounded is my go-to resource for activating partnerships between brands, business and non-profits in order to drive significant change in the world."

Will Kennedy, Senior Program Officer: 
United Nations Office of Partnerships

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The Founders

After spending more than two decades working for the biggest brands at some of the world’s largest network agencies, we decided that selling stuff, just isn't good enough anymore. That making money and making a difference should no longer be competing forces. And that convening the right partners with the right mindset and experience around the world’s biggest problems can result in exponential transformation and social impact. Consumerism now comes with a conscience and so must business. So, we left our agency life and started grounded.world, a place where smart thinking inspires good ideas and partnerships that do more than just sell great things — they re-define success in business and make the world greater too.

Our Services

Starting out and then continuing along the journey towards brand purpose, sustainability and social innovation isn't easy. It can feel daunting and disparate, and often requires a transformation in corporate culture as well as communications - along with a myriad of different skillsets, partnerships and alliances. We're here to help. Simply choose the right track for you and we'll bring together the best talent, tools, creativity and partnerships at each and every step:

ARTICULATE: We will help you find and then articulate your brand purpose to galvanize the organization and key stakeholders behind it - ensuring that the 'why' of your purpose drives the 'way' of making a profit.

ACTIVATE: We will help you create the best products, platforms, ideas and social impact campaigns to activate your brand purpose, change behavior at scale and deliver a return on impact, often through digital activation, brand experience or retail marketing.

ACCELERATE: We will help you leverage the best thought leaders, partnerships and technologies to boost your brand reputation and social impact, exponentially.

For an initial consultation or more detail on the steps, products and services behind each approach, contact us.

The Assembly

Our assembly is a gathering of the best and brightest partners and clients in our community - covering social innovation, entrepreneurship, non-profit, impact investment, thought leadership, creativity, the arts, education and academia. By sharing each other’s thoughts, ideas and provocations we challenge the status quo, propel new thinking and a strive for stronger leadership and a better planet - setting the pace and precedent for governments and institutions to follow.

To join assembly or find out more, contact us.