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We believe that by breaking down the boundaries between purpose and profit, we can empower business leaders to accelerate change and lead the way.

Flexible, fluid and fearless grounded.world is a social innovation and communications consultancy designed to help any organization – large or small – find and then activate their purpose to leave a lasting impact.

It’s time to get grounded.

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01 Social Innovation

Uniting ancient wisdom and modern sicence to launch a new brand

The word WASU means ‘sacred plant’ in Lakota Sioux. With a surge of new information regarding the healing properties of CBD, WASU wanted to bring it’s healing power to the world.

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02 Activating Purpose

100 years is too long to wait for gender parity in business

The Network of Executive Women is focused on Advancing all Women. But with women hiding behind modesty and perfectly polished images, they needed to bust through the façade to teach all women the lessons they needed to grow.

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03 Increasing Donations

Making a 140 year old non-profit relevant again

Although the Fresh Air Fund continues to be as important today as it was 140 years ago the brand needed to be revitalized and demonstrate the impact it had on children’s lives – both to attract more children, volunteers and donors but also to rally and realign the organization behind its core purpose

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